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Stephen has been an active environmentalist working in, field work, public speaking and lobbying at all levels of government. He has spoken at school and community gatherings as well as on radio. His comments on environmental issues were frequently seen in newspapers and newsletters. the love of wildlife and the need for illustrations for news letters lead to an artistic future. After a management career in the ceramic industry for 20 years Steve set his sights on an artistic future. 25 years had elapsed since he last attended High School Art classes and the first step was VCE. The first year of his artistic career resulted in, distinctions in VCE Studio Art, a proposal from a leading publisher for an illustrated book and the sale of his first Wildlife paintings.

This rapid rise continued with his sketches appearing in books, graphic displays, numerous environmental news letters and 1999 R.S.P.C.A. calendar and an 8 page feature in ‘The Artist's Palette Magazine’ has show cased his work. His originals and prints appear in local and international collections.

  • Watercolour: ‘The Botanical Art School of Melbourne’ under the internationally acclaimed Jenny Phillips
  • Oil: with the internationally acclaimed inspiring artist
    Krystii Melaine.
  • Drawing and field sketching: with the sensational artist Steve Morvell

and through detailed study of the Wildlife and its environment.

Stephen has served as Secretary and committee member of the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Inc.

Stephen the Webmaster to AWAF and is an honorary member of the AWAF Artists Advisory Board and a member of the AWAF Ambassadors Council.
See WAMA- Wildlife Art Museum of Australia

Stephen has tutored at:

  • Mitchell & Murrumbidgee School of Arts. Bathurst, Wagga Wagga
  • McGregor Schools: University of Southern Queensland (USQ),
  • Toowoomba
  • Grafton Artsfest
  • Magenta Artists: Mildura
  • Grampians Wildlife Arts Society Festival – Halls Gap
  • Home studio classes and workshops in the Dandenong’s Victoria
  • Numerous individual workshops

Artist - Photographer Guided African Safaris

  • Makalali - South Africa 2010
  • Tanzania 2012
  • South africa Kruger National, Balule Nature Reserve
  • Botswana

Stephen is available for regional and national workshops.

Stephen is an experienced, motivational and exciting speaker. Presentations backed with stunning art - photographs and experience in business, art, photography, teaching and wildlife adventures. Tailoring presentation to his audiences:

  • Primary and school students. Experienced VCE presenter
  • Community Groups
  • Art, photography, travel, … interest groups

Motivational presentations for business seminars.
Illustrating his application of motivation, goal setting, marketing and management techniques that have driven his remarkable transition from Production Management in the ceramic industry to Artist Photographer.

A realist wildlife artist whose images are sometimes misinterpreted as a mere copy of a photograph. They are often in fact, a collage that combines a collection of images of the creature and its environment. Guided by his wildlife experiences and observations. Aiming to portray some of the essence of the creature, some sense of what draws him to them and the magic of a wild encounter. Painted it to give others the opportunity to experience whatever it is that make him smile, laugh, gasp look in awe,....

Some people don't fully understand or appreciate the works or are moved by them. As there are people, who have walk through a forest or a magnificent gorge and don't hear the birds, frogs or the wind, not see the tiny lizards or flowers they just march through and move on to the next stop on a tour. On the other hand many others have stopped looked at the work, smiled and even gasped not only at the work but have seen or wish they had seen and experienced what the work portrayed. His images are for them!

For Steve the journey and heightened experience that results from really looking, seeking and being inspired is time well spent. The work may be the physical output of his experiences but he would do it without the product at the end!

He took up photography when he was 18. First with film, taking, processing and manipulating his own shots and now with digital and computer editing. His photographic skill is evident in his shots of wildlife and the places he visits. Capturing the light and the magic of his experiences.

He is in demand for public speaking engagements. Presentations on wildlife art, photography, wildlife, travel and reference gathering adventures. A speaker who combines his paintings, photographs, his life, skills and experiences into a powerful motivational presentation.

Alfred Lesurmat - Ranger from Melako Community Conservancy Northern Kenya’s view of Grevy’s zebra –“ If I see one I’m so happy. To see it just walking. They give beauty to the land”

A flash of colour, casually walking through our camp or observed undisturbed wildlife does ‘give beauty to the land’. I often find myself smiling, uplifted by as little as a brief glance at a bird flashing by or sharing a face to face moment with a wild creature. In my work I try to capture some of that magic.
People view my work and often talk as if transported back to the time of their own wild encounters. Others just wish they had been there but get to share my encounters through the painting. Some have also been inspired to spend time observing and even painting the creatures of the wild world.

I find the wild world is full of magic moments if you take the time to look!
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