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Steve Morvell & Stephen Powell Wildlife – Artist Photographers Guided African Safari. 2012

Just a sample of my travel images & video from 2010 to temp you to join Steve Morvell & Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographers on our Artist – Photographer Guided African Safari. 2012 Continue reading

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WildArt @ Old Post Office Seymour

‘Makalali Yellow-billed Hornbill’ Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Oil Painting 365 X 505 mm. Reference gathered whilst participating in Siyafunda Volunteers on Makalali Game Reserve South I am participating in an exhibition starting this week end. Come along and have a chat … Continue reading

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An encounter with an Elephant

It is the end of the dry winter period. Huge thunderstorms are rearing up at the end of each day. Bathed in the light of the setting sun. Some just resulting in a spectacular lightening show but just a few … Continue reading

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Just some of the Birds

Morning and afternoon game drives around Kruger National Park. 5am – 9 or 10. 3pm till getting inside the gate by 6:30pm. This was a flexible arrangement as there were distractions that kept us out longer – such as herds of elephants surrounding the car, … Continue reading


Wildlife Art Workshop and Kruger Adventure

Home from Wildlife Art Workshop in Makalali Reserve and 2 weeks in Kruger National Park. 15000 photographs and videos to sort through. So just a brief post!

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Jo burg to Rwanda:

Colleen & I leave our Botswanan tour companions behind and grab a flight Maun – Jo burg. My direct flight from Jo burg to Rwanda had been canceled by the airline whilst I was in South Africa. My travel agent … Continue reading


An encounter with Lions:

We arrive just on dusk. There are 3 lions sleeping and relaxed. As the truck eases forward some raise their heads and scan the new arrivals. Most are disinterested and some just lay back down. One lioness stares intently and … Continue reading


Refuge – education center for wildlife.

Took 300 shots in 40 mins. Each of these were about 1 meter away. The one winking is only 10 cm high!!!! I’ll let the images do the talking.


A few more shots for the blog.

Haven’t shoved any rhinos this week but have done a sleep out. 2 people at a time stood watch. Eyes and sounds all around! Saw my first leopard this shot was in fading light 1/5 sec exposure so I’m sorry … Continue reading

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Wild painter meets preschool

Today we went to a local preschool that is supported by Siyafunda Conservation – Makalali. Some anonymous copy right infringes blatantly infringed the copyrignt of the evil empire. The kids and their teacher seemed pleased. I may or may not … Continue reading



We have spent a number of days trying to find the agro and randy Rhino mentioned in the last post. He escaped from an area where he was isolated from the other Rhinos, as he will kill them if he … Continue reading

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To day we tracked 3 Rhinos for a couple of ks on foot. Or should I say we walked behind Patson who is one of the 6 best trackers in Africa. It might seem simple to follow several tons of … Continue reading



The last week has been full on and managed not to prepare my update for the blog. So this will be short. On arrival in HOEDSPRUIT we were greeted at the airport by baboons on the runway and Kudu near … Continue reading