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Friends of Hazel Vale Valley’s new banner featuring my Powerful Owl Drawing

As part of our 4th Birthday celebrations of Friends of Hazel Vale Valley Tecoma , unveiled a new banner, with a drawing that I did in 1994 of a Powerful Owl. It features on all their brochures, flags, bags and … Continue reading

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‘Infinity logging’ is Napthine Government the new law!

How bad does it have to get before people get angry! The Baillieu Government did very little but still managed to scrap just about every environmental protection law it could find. Now the Liberal/National Party – Napthine Government with the support … Continue reading

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Mungo National Park

Some people somehow manage not to see the beauty and complexity in ‘dry scrub  country’. Just drive through on the way to somewhere! Now the beauty and grandeur of a sunset most can appreciate but with a little more curiosity … Continue reading

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The Wildlife Art Museum of Australia will be an Australian first.

See new web page Colleen and I were fortunate to be able to help launch a visionary plan to place Wildlife Art in its rightful place in the world of art. Wildlife Art Museum of Australia will be an … Continue reading

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Lyrebird Song

This lyrebird is just 1 of 10 lyrebirds heard during a late afternoon walk in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I was able to film 3 birds from as close as 2 meters. There appears to be an echo but … Continue reading

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A walk in the forest!

Added a walk in the forest to my get fit program. Lyrebirds weren’t obliging for photography but they did serenaded me throughout my walk.

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Balangara-films: The Message of the Lyrebird

I participated in a lyrebird survey during which Balangara Films shot some this video. I discovered they have included a brief clip of me in the trailer! Look for me looking old in a beanie ‘I had one mimic my son’

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Steve Morvell at Creaturehouse Nature Books

My mate Steve Morvell puts the finishing touches on a mural at Creaturehouse Nature Books – Olinda. Nice work for nice people.

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Brendan Powell for the Greens

As of this morning Brendan got 7679 votes or 11.1% a 3.78% swing to the Greens. 22% of the vote still to count. I was handing out how to vote cards 8-6 and then scrutineering! I got a very strong sense … Continue reading

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Updated to new Theme!

I was never happy with the original theme but had to find some time to get a new one. Found one that I would have preferred but discovered it was not compatible with FireFox so I reluctantly looked for another … Continue reading

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Orange Bellied Parrot Survey

Participated in an Orange Bellied Parrot survey on the weekend. Unfortunately no sightings. I did however add 5 birds to my list. These are a couple of the shots I grabbed along the way. A day at a sewerage treatment … Continue reading


Forest Visit

Just so you understand. In the park where the pic of me covered in Rosella’s was taken I could just as easily been covered in Sulphur-crested cockatoos.  Except for one thing, fear!!! Like the black cockatoo in the image above … Continue reading


Lyrebird song

This is my first attempt at filming with my new Canon 7D. I did some rudimentary editing but trimming the quality and size to something appropriate to the web is still to come. I don’t have editing software so its … Continue reading


A walk in the forest

I’ve been very busy so my blogging has suffered. Today I walked through a local forest and listened to Lyrebirds – They are incredible mimics their songs include all the songs of the birds in their part of the bush. … Continue reading

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Melbourne Zoo

Spent the day at Melbourne Zoo with Steve Morvell. Thought I would add just a taste of my photos.

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