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Lyrebird Song

This lyrebird is just 1 of 10 lyrebirds heard during a late afternoon walk in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I was able to film 3 birds from as close as 2 meters. There appears to be an echo but … Continue reading

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A walk in the forest!

Added a walk in the forest to my get fit program. Lyrebirds weren’t obliging for photography but they did serenaded me throughout my walk.

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Balangara-films: The Message of the Lyrebird

I participated in a lyrebird survey during which Balangara Films shot some this video. I discovered they have included a brief clip of me in the trailer! Look for me looking old in a beanie ‘I had one mimic my son’

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Just some of the Birds

Morning and afternoon game drives around Kruger National Park. 5am – 9 or 10. 3pm till getting inside the gate by 6:30pm. This was a flexible arrangement as there were distractions that kept us out longer – such as herds of elephants surrounding the car, … Continue reading


Updated to new Theme!

I was never happy with the original theme but had to find some time to get a new one. Found one that I would have preferred but discovered it was not compatible with FireFox so I reluctantly looked for another … Continue reading

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Orange Bellied Parrot Survey

Participated in an Orange Bellied Parrot survey on the weekend. Unfortunately no sightings. I did however add 5 birds to my list. These are a couple of the shots I grabbed along the way. A day at a sewerage treatment … Continue reading


Forest Visit

Just so you understand. In the park where the pic of me covered in Rosella’s was taken I could just as easily been covered in Sulphur-crested cockatoos.  Except for one thing, fear!!! Like the black cockatoo in the image above … Continue reading


Lyrebird song

This is my first attempt at filming with my new Canon 7D. I did some rudimentary editing but trimming the quality and size to something appropriate to the web is still to come. I don’t have editing software so its … Continue reading


A walk in the forest

I’ve been very busy so my blogging has suffered. Today I walked through a local forest and listened to Lyrebirds – They are incredible mimics their songs include all the songs of the birds in their part of the bush. … Continue reading

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18th June Moremi Game Reserve:                     Moremi served up more species that were new to me and non stop passing parade of creatures now familiar but just as exciting. The Saddle-billed … Continue reading

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Moremi Game Reserve

  This is the Roller shot that I nearly nailed, lost by a beak- next time! Immature Great white Pelican, Grey Heron, African Darter, Yellow-billed Stork, Pink-backed Pelican & Wattled Crane. How close are the animals when I photograph them? … Continue reading

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Refuge – education center for wildlife.

Took 300 shots in 40 mins. Each of these were about 1 meter away. The one winking is only 10 cm high!!!! I’ll let the images do the talking.



To day we tracked 3 Rhinos for a couple of ks on foot. Or should I say we walked behind Patson who is one of the 6 best trackers in Africa. It might seem simple to follow several tons of … Continue reading


Lyrebirds and Hobby

  Just a couple of shots from a recent search for Lyrebirds & one of 400 shots taken on a successful excursion for Australian Hobby photos. Just for something different nothing bit me this time. At least that leaves my … Continue reading

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