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Lyrebird Song

This lyrebird is just 1 of 10 lyrebirds heard during a late afternoon walk in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I was able to film 3 birds from as close as 2 meters. There appears to be an echo but … Continue reading

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A walk in the forest!

Added a walk in the forest to my get fit program. Lyrebirds weren’t obliging for photography but they did serenaded me throughout my walk.

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Balangara-films: The Message of the Lyrebird

I participated in a lyrebird survey during which Balangara Films shot some this video. I discovered they have included a brief clip of me in the trailer! Look for me looking old in a beanie ‘I had one mimic my son’

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OPEN STUDIOS EXHIBITION NAKED BEAST: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Burrinja Gallery Opening at 6:30pm Friday 20th of May 2011, on display until 26th June The annual Open Studios exhibition features a key work from each participating studio. This exhibition … Continue reading

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Just some of the Birds

Morning and afternoon game drives around Kruger National Park. 5am – 9 or 10. 3pm till getting inside the gate by 6:30pm. This was a flexible arrangement as there were distractions that kept us out longer – such as herds of elephants surrounding the car, … Continue reading


Forest Visit

Just so you understand. In the park where the pic of me covered in Rosella’s was taken I could just as easily been covered in Sulphur-crested cockatoos.  Except for one thing, fear!!! Like the black cockatoo in the image above … Continue reading


A walk in the forest

I’ve been very busy so my blogging has suffered. Today I walked through a local forest and listened to Lyrebirds – They are incredible mimics their songs include all the songs of the birds in their part of the bush. … Continue reading

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Melbourne Zoo

Spent the day at Melbourne Zoo with Steve Morvell. Thought I would add just a taste of my photos.

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The Wombat dilemma!!!

Narawntapu National Park. It may well be that we’ve been in tasi to long but we found this pretty amusing! A walking track winds its way across a currently grassy flood plain adjacent to a lake in Narawntapu National Park. … Continue reading



We have spent a number of days trying to find the agro and randy Rhino mentioned in the last post. He escaped from an area where he was isolated from the other Rhinos, as he will kill them if he … Continue reading

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To day we tracked 3 Rhinos for a couple of ks on foot. Or should I say we walked behind Patson who is one of the 6 best trackers in Africa. It might seem simple to follow several tons of … Continue reading


A day in the life of a Wildlife Artist:

Grabbed this shot. Just too weird. Eurasian Coot feet. Another reference hunt today. At some time during my bush excursion a spider slipped up my pants and fanged its way up my leg. Fortunately the elastic on my undies seemed … Continue reading

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Just another day in the life of a Wildlife Artist.

Wildlife Artist’s Day Just thought you might enjoy hearing about my day out. After one false start I headed of to the Sunshine Bird lady. Weather not looking good. Rain hammering down despite forecast the day before of local thunderstorms. … Continue reading

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