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15& 16th June Chobe: Giraffe by the score and more! Lilac-breasted Rollers seemed to be everywhere. Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl and could not resist adding one more Bateleur.  

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Okavango Delta

            Caught up with Colleen at Joberg airport and on to Maun and then the houseboat on the Okavango Delta – Botswana. The Owl is a African Fishing Owl – another of the rare creatures … Continue reading

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An encounter with Lions:

We arrive just on dusk. There are 3 lions sleeping and relaxed. As the truck eases forward some raise their heads and scan the new arrivals. Most are disinterested and some just lay back down. One lioness stares intently and … Continue reading

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Refuge – education center for wildlife.

Took 300 shots in 40 mins. Each of these were about 1 meter away. The one winking is only 10 cm high!!!! I’ll let the images do the talking.

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A few more shots for the blog.

Haven’t shoved any rhinos this week but have done a sleep out. 2 people at a time stood watch. Eyes and sounds all around! Saw my first leopard this shot was in fading light 1/5 sec exposure so I’m sorry … Continue reading

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Wild painter does some painting!!! You would think that after a 3 weeks in Africa I could have achieved more but sitting in the bush with your sketch pad can be dangerous for your health. I spent a day in … Continue reading

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