Ibi Iwacu Village:

Photo by Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer Ibi Iwacu Village:

Ibi Iwacu Village

The village was at a situated on the border of the Volcanoes National Park. I shared a kings hut, on the left with Regan. The magnificent woven interior, warmed by the central fire and beds to either side. We spent another night singing, dancing & story telling in the main building.

Photo by Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer Kings Huts! Rwanda

We stayed in Kings Huts! They were traditionally built houses of mud daub on woven timber frame. I’m suspect the beds were ‘enhanced for our western (Soft) requirements. Warm, comfortable and enhanced the village stay experience. Better than any 5 star hotel I’ve stayed in.

I had anticipated the story telling sessions and reread the Killer Koala – by Kenneth Cook. I began by showing photos of my painting of a koala and as all who know me would expect, the story was accompanied by demonstrations and appropriate expressions. My choice of stories was well received by those assembled. The universal appeal of story describing a man having his genitals attacked prompted wide smiles from all those assembled. The delays created by the amusement of our translator just added to the enjoyment.

Photo by Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer Betty Her Husband and Stephen (Me) Rwanda village stay.

Betty (center) our lovely, attentive host not only prepared the meals but made sure everything was just right during our stay.

I was introduced to a group of artists: Nshmiyimana, Twaramwise & Harerimana who were drawing gorillas. They generously gave me some of their images. I offered to give a demonstration of my sketching technique the next day. I emerged from my hut to discovered them assembled 1/2 an hour early. They were very enthusiastic! Unfortunately we were leaving later that day so a single lesson was all I could offer but I am arranging for some materials and reference photos to be sent. Can now add international to

Photo by Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer. Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer adds international to his tutoring credit

Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer adds international to his tutoring credits

my tutor credits!

Photo by Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer

Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer gets some target practice.


Photo by Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer Pygmy King - with hat was a very happy man and along with other senior men made us very welcome.

Pygmy King – with hat was a very happy man and along with other senior men made us very welcome. The King told us stories of his days int he forest and entertained us with is singing and dancing.

The village healer and his son showed us a selection of the local medicinal herbs. Health services are limited in Rwanda and the local healersare often option for villagers. The herbs and potions they create have been in use for many generations and have untapped potential. The healer and his son are working with university staff to identify, test & document their medical potential.

NOTE: I promised the artist and people of the village that made us feel so welcome the I would send some photos and art materials. I have received confirmation that the package with enough photos for every one and a collection of art materials had arrived and was well received.

About Stephen Powell

Stephen has been an active environmentalist working in, field work, public speaking and lobbying at all levels of government. He has spoken at school and community gatherings as well as on radio. His comments on environmental issues have appeared in newspapers and newsletters. His work has attracted a number awards, which include Wildlife Art Society of Australasia & Best Flora or Fauna-Moomba Art Show. His passion shows in his works which are in demand for galleries and as private commissions. Training: Watercolour: ‘The Botanical Art School of Melbourne’ under the internationally acclaimed Jenny Crompton (Phillips) Oil: with the gifted wildlife artist Krystii Melaine. Drawing and field sketching: with Steve Morvell He takes classes and travelled to Mitchell School of Arts to take wildlife art workshops. And the Murrumbidgee School of Creative Arts in Wagga Wagga. McGregor School Uni Southern Queensland Toowoomba. Grafton to be added in 2011.
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