A day in the life of a Wildlife Artist:

Photo by Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographer Eurasian Coot Foot

Eurasian Coot Foot

Grabbed this shot. Just too weird. Eurasian Coot feet.

Another reference hunt today. At some time during my bush excursion a spider slipped up my pants and fanged its way up my leg. Fortunately the elastic on my undies seemed to be a barrier to further exploration. Itching was my first symptom, followed by warm and tight. Whist this may be cheaper option than my regular spam mail offerings I am still not inclined to do it on purpose or on a regular basis. Whist not shy I was also not inclined to drop my daks in the middle of a public park and further enhance my weird painter image. The rain did not encourage further investigation either, even though the scene would have included dramatic thunder and lightning. Some concern now creeping in about holding a metal mono pod and a metal SLR during a thunderstorm. On arriving home I followed the welts up my leg with the most impressive one 3 ml black center with a lovely half centimeter scarlet surround.

Once again off to the hospital 2 hrs including chat with the doctor about starting classes, antihistamines and a warning that if I get any stranger or the bites get more angry I was to return.

The lady doctor was Indian and who initially thought she might be interested in a cheetah painting. However when she said you know the ‘striped one’ I figured she probably meant a tiger and promptly gave her a Bis card with the tiger on it. She confirmed my suspicion! Mental face slap to confirm I wasn’t succumbing to the venom now cursing through my veins. You know the national emblem of India!!!!! She was probably at the end of a 36hr shift.

I am pondering the my combination of multiple bites by European wasps, a flying Fox and spider venom and what form of super hero I may become. Or am I already delirious!!!!

Another day in the life of a wildlife artist.

About Stephen Powell

Stephen has been an active environmentalist working in, field work, public speaking and lobbying at all levels of government. He has spoken at school and community gatherings as well as on radio. His comments on environmental issues have appeared in newspapers and newsletters. His work has attracted a number awards, which include Wildlife Art Society of Australasia & Best Flora or Fauna-Moomba Art Show. His passion shows in his works which are in demand for galleries and as private commissions. Training: Watercolour: ‘The Botanical Art School of Melbourne’ under the internationally acclaimed Jenny Crompton (Phillips) Oil: with the gifted wildlife artist Krystii Melaine. Drawing and field sketching: with Steve Morvell He takes classes and travelled to Mitchell School of Arts to take wildlife art workshops. And the Murrumbidgee School of Creative Arts in Wagga Wagga. McGregor School Uni Southern Queensland Toowoomba. Grafton to be added in 2011.
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