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Stephen has been an active environmentalist working in, field work, public speaking and lobbying at all levels of government. He has spoken at school and community gatherings as well as on radio. His comments on environmental issues have appeared in newspapers and newsletters. His work has attracted a number awards, which include Wildlife Art Society of Australasia & Best Flora or Fauna-Moomba Art Show. His passion shows in his works which are in demand for galleries and as private commissions. Training: Watercolour: ‘The Botanical Art School of Melbourne’ under the internationally acclaimed Jenny Crompton (Phillips) Oil: with the gifted wildlife artist Krystii Melaine. Drawing and field sketching: with Steve Morvell He takes classes and travelled to Mitchell School of Arts to take wildlife art workshops. And the Murrumbidgee School of Creative Arts in Wagga Wagga. McGregor School Uni Southern Queensland Toowoomba. Grafton to be added in 2011.

Photographs and the wildlife artist

Every story of any artist has a beginning. In my case my first drawings came from other peoples photographs. My sense of achievement was limited to having captured a likeness of the photo. I set about getting my own reference … Continue reading

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Judging the Upwey South Primary School Art Show 2013

It is vital to encourage young artist as they will enhance our world. So once again I had the great pleasure an honor of judging the Upwey South Art Competition. A great display of variety, style, hard work and passion … Continue reading

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African Village church. A question of priorities!

Some choose to build a church. We chose to deliver water and support education. Continue reading

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Friends of Hazel Vale Valley’s new banner featuring my Powerful Owl Drawing

As part of our 4th Birthday celebrations of Friends of Hazel Vale Valley Tecoma , unveiled a new banner, with a drawing that I did in 1994 of a Powerful Owl. It features on all their brochures, flags, bags and … Continue reading

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Artist Photographer Guided African Safari 2013 with Stephen Powell & Steve Morvell

Did you miss Stephen Powell & Steve Morvell Artist Photographer Guided African Safari 2012? It’s not too late to join us in South Africa 2013 ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHER GUIDED SAFARI 15th Oct. – 28th Oct. The Famous Kruger National, Balule Nature … Continue reading

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‘Infinity logging’ is Napthine Government the new law!

How bad does it have to get before people get angry! The Baillieu Government did very little but still managed to scrap just about every environmental protection law it could find. Now the Liberal/National Party – Napthine Government with the support … Continue reading

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Mungo National Park

Some people somehow manage not to see the beauty and complexity in ‘dry scrub  country’. Just drive through on the way to somewhere! Now the beauty and grandeur of a sunset most can appreciate but with a little more curiosity … Continue reading

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The Wildlife Art Museum of Australia will be an Australian first.

See new web page Colleen and I were fortunate to be able to help launch a visionary plan to place Wildlife Art in its rightful place in the world of art. Wildlife Art Museum of Australia will be an … Continue reading

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Steve Morvell & Stephen Powell Wildlife – Artist Photographers Guided African Safari. 2012

Just a sample of my travel images & video from 2010 to temp you to join Steve Morvell & Stephen Powell Wildlife Artist Photographers on our Artist – Photographer Guided African Safari. 2012 Continue reading

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Lyrebird Song

This lyrebird is just 1 of 10 lyrebirds heard during a late afternoon walk in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I was able to film 3 birds from as close as 2 meters. There appears to be an echo but … Continue reading

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A walk in the forest!

Added a walk in the forest to my get fit program. Lyrebirds weren’t obliging for photography but they did serenaded me throughout my walk.

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Balangara-films: The Message of the Lyrebird

I participated in a lyrebird survey during which Balangara Films shot some this video. I discovered they have included a brief clip of me in the trailer! Look for me looking old in a beanie ‘I had one mimic my son’

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OPEN STUDIOS EXHIBITION NAKED BEAST: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Burrinja Gallery Opening at 6:30pm Friday 20th of May 2011, on display until 26th June The annual Open Studios exhibition features a key work from each participating studio. This exhibition … Continue reading

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Inside History

My images of a Lyrebird and a Lace monitor have been used to illustrate an article by Peter Macinnis – Where the wild things are. Inside History Magazine May – June edition 2011  

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Presentation to Steve Morvell’s Wildlife Art Classes – Ballarat

12/05/2011 Steve’s and I take what appears to be quite a quite different approach to how we create our art. However frequent discussions have revealed more similarities than differences in the thought and methods that are the basis of our … Continue reading

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