Ducks on the menu

Ducks on the menu – ‘Jolly Rogers’ restaurant Boat Harbor Beach

Went to dinner at the Jolly Rogers and over heard conversations between fellow customers and waiter.
Waiter: Special for today is ‘Duo of Duck’

Customer 1: Oh no I have pet ducks. – ordered something else.
Customer 2 on another table: “I have a pet duck called ‘Ducky’!”
discussion followed on all things duck.
Me: Unable to restrain my self stepped into the conversation:
“I paint ducks and happen to have some shots of ducks I took today! Here’s my card! ”
Customer 1: “Do you do commissions?”
Me: “Do I!!! ……. what sort, how big, ……… give me your email …”
Promptly organized to gather reference photos the next day. See photo below of one of 3 said ducks. They proved to be shy and difficult to approach. May have sensed my preference for the ‘Duo of Duck’!
In the mean time customer 2 had logged on to the web and with a little prompting from me took a look at the duck painting on my site.
Customer 2: “By the way Ducky’s in the car! I’ll go and get him.”
Ducky arrived see head on a box shot above.

Customers3 at a table in the corner were amused but showing sign of concern about the disturbing ‘duck people’ who had them surrounded. I approached and did my best to distance my self from the Ducky people who by now had described their level of ‘obsession’. Ducky has a Face book page ( and a book in the works.







DUCKY UPDATE: 24/04/2012

A group of  people were having a great time at the Upwey Soup Kitchen (Upwey my home town in Victoria Australia). I told them ‘they were having way to much fun’ to which they invited me over. In the middle of our chat a lady asked if I was in Tasmania in 2010 and if I was a wildlife artist! Tamara Griffiths (MOONRISE PERMACULTURE) then announced she was the Ducky Lady! We all fell about laughing at the coincidence and launched in to much ducky reminiscing!

Upwey is 350ks away across 270ks of wild ocean from ‘Jolly Rogers’ restaurant Boat Harbor Beach.

About Stephen Powell

Stephen has been an active environmentalist working in, field work, public speaking and lobbying at all levels of government. He has spoken at school and community gatherings as well as on radio. His comments on environmental issues have appeared in newspapers and newsletters. His work has attracted a number awards, which include Wildlife Art Society of Australasia & Best Flora or Fauna-Moomba Art Show. His passion shows in his works which are in demand for galleries and as private commissions. Training: Watercolour: ‘The Botanical Art School of Melbourne’ under the internationally acclaimed Jenny Crompton (Phillips) Oil: with the gifted wildlife artist Krystii Melaine. Drawing and field sketching: with Steve Morvell He takes classes and travelled to Mitchell School of Arts to take wildlife art workshops. And the Murrumbidgee School of Creative Arts in Wagga Wagga. McGregor School Uni Southern Queensland Toowoomba. Grafton to be added in 2011.
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