‘Infinity logging’ is Napthine Government the new law!


Stephen Powell with what may be all that’s left of Leadbeater’s possum’s.
This was one demonstration I had to attend. The loggers are circling the last of our great forests.

IMG_1601M How bad does it have to get before people get angry!

The Baillieu Government did very little but still managed to scrap just about every environmental protection law it could find. Now the Liberal/National Party – Napthine Government with the support of Australian Labor Party is about to remove all controls on logging what’s left of our native forests. The Government and its agencies lost lawsuits brought by community groups to force

it to stop ignoring the lax existing laws to protect the forests and the species that live in them. The Government lost and its response is not to ensure the laws are complied with but to scrap the laws and give unlimited powers to the loggers.

The lone voice in the Parliament was the Greens member that spoke of the madness of giving away our great forests and subsidizing a loss making industry, producing a product that its one customer is saying it doesn’t want. Paper manufacturing is turning to plantation timber because of public pressure and the quality of the timber.

The changes would:
1. Promise unlimited logging contracts (currently licenses have 5 year reviews).
2. Remove government oversight of VicForests’ activities.
3. Effectively privatise the exploitation of the state’s most valuable public natural asset.
4. Promise to supply logs into the future that may not exist, due to fire, drought regeneration failure and so on.
5. Expose the tax-payer and government to paying hundreds of millions in compensation when/if the trees can’t be provided .
6. See forests managed by purely commercial interests with token to no concern for environmental, tourism, heritage, aesthetic or water values.
7. Make it impossible to alter the law if the wood/trees have been promised to a private company by VicForests. The government must provide the logs or pay massive compensation.
8. Allow VicForests Board of Directors to decide when, where and how much it will clearfell .
9. Override and ignore the Auditor General’s current audit of VicForests’ management and the recommendations that will come from it.
10. Remove environmental oversight of logging in native forests.

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About Stephen Powell

Stephen has been an active environmentalist working in, field work, public speaking and lobbying at all levels of government. He has spoken at school and community gatherings as well as on radio. His comments on environmental issues have appeared in newspapers and newsletters. His work has attracted a number awards, which include Wildlife Art Society of Australasia & Best Flora or Fauna-Moomba Art Show. His passion shows in his works which are in demand for galleries and as private commissions. Training: Watercolour: ‘The Botanical Art School of Melbourne’ under the internationally acclaimed Jenny Crompton (Phillips) Oil: with the gifted wildlife artist Krystii Melaine. Drawing and field sketching: with Steve Morvell He takes classes and travelled to Mitchell School of Arts to take wildlife art workshops. And the Murrumbidgee School of Creative Arts in Wagga Wagga. McGregor School Uni Southern Queensland Toowoomba. Grafton to be added in 2011.
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